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Balance365 Life Radio

Dec 14, 2022

Episode Overview

Today, we’re interviewing Jeanette. At 53, she’s learned how to create simple, healthy habits she knows she can sustain for the rest of her life! Currently, she is down 40lbs, has reversed her pre-diabetes trajectory, reduced her blood pressure, and improved her lipid profile since joining our program in May 2022. We love to hear it! We can’t wait to share more about her successes with you today.

Jeanette’s journey is a testament to how life-changing Balance365 Coaching can be. If you want to break free from diets and create life-long healthy habits like her, join our Balance365 Coaching waitlist for January! Doors will open to the waitlist ONLY—so if you aren’t on the waitlist, you won’t be able to join. Sign up today!

Key Points

  • How Jeanette found Balance365
  • Her history with diets and perfectionist tendencies
  • How Jeanette’s mindset and habits have shifted since joining Balance365
  • How she feels about her incredible progress, and what her goals are now

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