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Balance365 Life Radio

Dec 25, 2019

The tables are turned in this episode of Balance365 Life Radio when Jen interviews Annie so she can share how the big weight loss that came with going from a size 24 to a 12 was really a small piece of the way her journey. After so many rounds of Weight Watchers, Annie finally found something that worked.

Dec 11, 2019

In today’s episode, Annie and Jen interview Molly, a longtime Balance365 member about the changes she experienced as a result of participating in the program. From the outcomes she expected to some others she didn’t, listen in to hear how Molly didn’t just learn to balance her plate, she learned to balance what...

Nov 26, 2019

Jen and Annie are joined by Ahuva Magder Hershkop to address the specific challenges of feeding adolescents - how do you know they are eating enough, eating the right things and developing good relationships with food? Find out how to cope with feelings and expectations around feeding your teen when they have so much...

Nov 11, 2019

Jen and Annie are joined by Michelle Phillips, aka Coach Sparkles, to discuss body positivity and weight loss and if the two concepts can co-exist. This is a hot topic of discussion and the decision to pursue fat loss goals is so personal. Find out what the Balance365 team has to say.

Oct 28, 2019

What happens when industry professionals are struggling with their own relationships around food and fitness? Professionals working in the health and wellness industry are often seen as experts and are expected to exemplify health. Jen, Annie and Lauren get real about the dark side of the fitness and wellness industry.