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Balance365 Life Radio

Mar 31, 2021

Episode Overview

It seems like almost any conversation about celebrating weight loss right now is either, “Yes, do it all the time,” or “No, don’t ever.” But at Balance365, we believe that this topic requires a lot of nuance and conversation. And that’s what this week’s podcast is about!

Join us as we...

Mar 24, 2021

Episode Overview

So your partner (or someone close to you) has started a diet. They may even be dropping weight fast.

We know it can be challenging to watch someone go through a health and wellness journey that is different from your own. It can bring up a range of feelings from jealousy to resentment to inadequacy. If...

Mar 17, 2021

Episode Overview

Let’s talk rebellious eating! When you decide to reject diet culture or food rules, you may find yourself eating without abandon… And unable to stop. Every time you think about passing on dessert or curtailing your evening snacking, the rebel inside you awakens and demands food. While it can feel...

Mar 10, 2021

Episode Overview

“WHO AM I?!”

We couldn’t help but laugh out loud in this week’s podcast episode with Balance365er, Roxanne. Roxanne’s whole life shifted when she became pregnant and she was struggling. She turned to Balance365 coaching to learn how to kick some new habits into gear as a new mom and was blown...

Mar 3, 2021

Episode Overview

Can you eat like a “normal person” and still lose weight? What does “normal eating” even look like? If you find yourself a bit confused, you’re not alone. In this week’s podcast, Jen addresses what normal eating looks like and how you can integrate normal eating with your weight loss goals....