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Balance365 Life Radio

Sep 26, 2018

Danica, a long-time Balance365 member, shares her insights on how Balance365 helped her achieve her fat loss goals, make changes in her life that felt right and shifted her mindset around life challenges. Jen and Annie discuss Danica’s story and how she made use of her lifetime membership to continue her journey at...

Sep 19, 2018

Annie and Lauren address late night snacking: the reasons people snack, simple strategies to address unwanted snacking, and the myth about what happens to your body if you eat after 7pm. They dig deep into the science of cravings, behavioral patterns and how to make changes that support your goals – if you want to....

Sep 12, 2018

There is so much folk wisdom around food and nutrition that often turns out to be lacking in scientific and factual foundation. Jen, Annie and Lauren band together to dissect the myths and legends of nutrition and how you can make what works for you work even better (and what you might want to change […]

The post

Sep 5, 2018

Not everyone loves exercise, but it has so many health benefits. Join Jen, Annie and Lauren as they explore how you, too, can fall in love with exercise, even if you currently hate it. Tune in for practical tips and advice to get you working more movement into your day, even if you’ve never really […]

The post How...