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Balance365 Life Radio

May 25, 2022

Episode Overview

Today, we’re covering the main ways we see summer sabotaging people’s goals and how they can approach it a bit differently.

Many feel summer is a catalyst for getting off track with their goals, often followed by panic to get BACK on track in the fall. And we don’t want that for you! We want you to feel calm and capable in whatever health or weight loss journey you might be on!

If you want to find ways to keep moving toward your goals this summer, don’t miss this episode!

And if you want to kick off your summer with a simpler and clearer framework for health, wellness, and weight loss, join our Fat Loss Foundations course! Click here to learn more.

Key Points

  • How to handle a change in routine
  • What an increase in socialization can mean for you
  • How summer creates a decrease in intentional exercise for some
  • The benefits of summer on your health


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.