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Balance365 Life Radio

Jan 19, 2022

Episode Overview

In Balance365 our advice to women looking to lose weight is to stop dieting and instead focus on habits and skills. However many ask us: what does that mean? What’s the difference? And why should I shift my focus away from diets?

You’ll find out exactly why in today's episode! 💥 We dive deep into the science behind why diets fail and how building habits and skills work better for long-term, sustainable results. Click to listen:

And, just like we can build good habits, we can also develop "bad" habits we want to break. If you feel stuck and confused as to how to break free from your overeating habits, you can download our free guide, Binge Eating: Why You Do It and How to Stop right now.

Key Points

  • What is a diet?
  • Why don't diets work for most people?
  • What are habits and skills? How do they work?
  • How to build habits and skills to support your goals


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.