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Balance365 Life Radio

Jan 5, 2022

Episode Overview

"You have to want it enough." You've probably heard it before. But if it was true, then so many more people would be reaching their goals, right? Relying on your desire for weight loss as the sole motivator is one of the biggest foundational issues for many of our new members in Balance365. This topic is where we end up spending a lot of our coaching time; it’s THAT important.

We know you want it—you might even want it BAD—but it truly is not enough. Listen to find out why.

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Key Points

  • Why wanting weight loss isn't enough
  • The power that comes in finding your why
  • Jen and Annie both share their stories about how they learned that wanting weight loss wasn't enough to get their results
  • The importance of being pulled by vision instead of pushed by fear


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.