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Balance365 Life Radio

Apr 19, 2023

Episode Overview

You want weight loss, fast. And we’re not here today to criticize that. No one truly desires slow results, we get it. So let’s instead talk about the trade-offs of fast weight loss, and how to mitigate the associated risks.

Before you dive into this episode, we want you to know we’re hosting our always-popular Power Bowl Challenge in just a few weeks! Not only will you get some amazing recipes and make some new friends, but you’ll also learn how simple it can be to put together high-protein, high-fiber, super-satisfying meals to help you reach your goals! Register right here.

Key Points

  • The four questions you need to ask yourself when pursuing weight loss
  • The consequences of rapid weight loss
  • How to physically and psychologically navigate weight loss safely


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.