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Balance365 Life Radio

Dec 21, 2022

Episode Overview

2023 is almost here! If you have a weight loss goal in the new year, we need to talk! Today, we’re discussing four considerations to reflect on before you dive head-first into the new year. Let’s set you up for success!

But before you go, remember this: you don’t have to do this one you own. We would love to support you in 2023 with learning the skills and strategies you need to reach your goals. Click here to join our waitlist. Our doors open in early January!

Key Points

  • Why it’s important to zoom out and reflect on patterns and habits
  • The power of your “why” and how it can influence your behaviors
  • How to manage your beliefs and expectations around your goals
  • The importance of prioritizing sustainability over speed

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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.