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Balance365 Life Radio

Dec 7, 2022

Episode Overview

We know so many women who wholeheartedly believe they are good for themselves. They have proven their reliability, care, and consideration in relationships with others, yet they struggle to consistently extend that same care to themselves. They see the importance of it, and they long to experience it, but they continue to struggle to consistently practice self-trust.

Today, Annie and Jen are here to share their experiences with self-trust. Come listen as they share how they’ve learned to rely on themselves to do the things they know will serve them well (and also where they still struggle!)

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Key Points

  • Feltman’s “4 Distinctions of Trust” and how they apply to all of us
  • How to respond when you identify a lack of self-trust in these four areas
  • The power of honesty and sincerity with yourself when addressing a lack of trust


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