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Balance365 Life Radio

Oct 26, 2022

Episode Overview

It’s time for another incredible member spotlight! Even though Erica was just 19 when she joined Balance365, she had already spent years struggling with emotional eating and an unhealthy relationship with exercise. After 18 months with Balance365, she’s developed skills to help her manage her emotions without food, joined a gym and took up weight lifting, and has also completed nursing school!

Erica’s commitment to caring for herself has led to a 75-pound weight loss, but it’s not about that for her anymore. She had learned to love and care for herself regardless of her weight. We’re so excited for you to hear more about Erica and how she has integrated these changes while she finished school and shifted her mindset.


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Key Points

  • Erica shares her history of emotional eating and body shame
  • How she found Balance365
  • What kinds of habits and hobbies she’s engaging in now (hello, weight lifting and hip hop dance!)
  • What life looks like for her now

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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.