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Balance365 Life Radio

Sep 28, 2022

Episode Overview

Hello everyone! Today we’re getting to know Lisa, who spent 45 years trying diet after diet with no long-term success. She joined Balance365 out of sheer desperation, hoping to find sustainable change… and she was not disappointed. Lisa has not only lost 20 pounds, but she feels better than she ever thought imaginable, and most importantly feels like she’s finally found the lasting change she’s been looking for.

We know you'll love Lisa’s radical honesty and energy. If her story hits home for you, get your name on our waitlist so you can be the first to know when the doors to Balance365 open again. Click right here to sign up!

Trigger warning: contains mentions of eating disorders

Key Points

  • Lisa’s history with dieting
  • What led Lisa to join Balance365
  • Why Balance365 has been different for her compared to dieting
  • What Lisa’s life looks like now

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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.