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Balance365 Life Radio

Sep 7, 2022

Episode Overview

Today’s the day! In this episode, you’re going to hear Annie unpack her recent divorce, dating, and body image experiences. Come listen to how she worked through some lingering body image issues after her 15-year relationship ended and she re-entered the dating world.

And! In just 10 days, Jen and Annie are hosting a BRAND NEW free training on one of our community’s biggest struggles. It’s called Nighttime Eating: Why You Do It and How to Stop. This training will be a live virtual event the evening of September 15th and we would LOVE to see you there! Click here to sign up for free!

Key Points

  • How Annie’s life changed significantly a few years ago
  • Annie’s experience with dating
  • What body image issues have come up since her divorce
  • How she’s processing it all and what her life looks like now


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.