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Balance365 Life Radio

Aug 24, 2022

Episode Overview

Today we have another “after the after” journey to share with you! Meet Karen, another Balance365 Coaching graduate who has taken what she needed from our program and is now living a full, values-driven life. And—this is just the icing on the cake—Karen’s also down 60lbs! We loved listening to her story. We know you will, too.

Karen’s story can be your story, too. If you want *more* than just weight loss, and to live a bigger, fuller, more aligned life, then don’t wait! Enrollment to our program opens again in September, and we would LOVE to coach you! Click here to join the waitlist.

Key Points

  • How Karen found Balance365
  • What helped Karen to stop swinging between extremes and finally find balance
  • Karen’s experience with past diets and how Balance365 has been different
  • How Karen feels now as a Balance365 graduate


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.