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Balance365 Life Radio

Jul 13, 2022

Episode Overview

Today we’re chatting with one of our members, Jessica. Jessica is an innovative, accomplished and successful mom of three who has been hailed throughout her life by friends, family, and her community for all that she’s achieved. But on the inside, Jessica was struggling with a bad case of perfectionism. She ruminated on thoughts about food, exercise, and weight constantly. Ultimately, she pushed herself to healthy eating and exercise extremes, leading to injury. But when she found Balance365, she started addressing some of her belief systems.

Was her desire for perfection actually holding her back from achieving more?

We know many of you will relate to Jessica’s journey. There’s a lot to learn here. Listen now!

As Jessica shared in this interview, you will not regret joining Balance365 Coaching. Let’s explore the messy middle of health, wellness, and weight loss together! The doors to our coaching program open again in September. Get your name on the waitlist for early access to spots right here.

Key Points

  • How Jessica found Balance365
  • What her life was like before joining
  • How she grew up with a perfectionist mindset and didn’t even realize it
  • What Jessica loves the most about her life of food freedom and self-acceptance now as a Balance365 Coaching member



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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.