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Balance365 Life Radio

Jun 22, 2022

Episode Overview

Can you call yourself a feminist and still want weight loss?

To help answer that question, we invited Grace Club founder Maggie Anderson for an exploration of feminism, weight loss, body autonomy, and how to create more compassion for yourself and others. Maggie is an avid learner and unlearner, a collaborator, community cultivator, yoga teacher, partner, and mother of two daughters.

In this reshared episode, you’ll find a spirited discussion that will challenge you to examine your beliefs, think critically about the messages you are receiving, and really unpack what your relationship with your body means to you. Where do you stand in the pendulum swing of diet culture, body positivity, and body neutrality?

Get ready to dig deep with us.

And speaking of digging deep… Emotional eating is one of the top issues our Balance365 members report struggling with. If you need help digging into the root causes and want to learn how to create healthier coping mechanisms, check it out here: 3 Steps to End Emotional Eating Mini Course.

Key Points

  • Defining diet culture and feminism
  • The role of choice and body autonomy in feminism
  • Why feminism needs to be intersectional
  • The pendulum swing between diet culture, body positivity, and body neutrality
  • How to honor ourselves and others


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.