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Balance365 Life Radio

May 4, 2022

Episode Overview

We’re smart.
We’re wise.
We’re capable.
We can do so many hard things…
And then there’s this weight loss thing, and it’s something so many of us have never been able to crack.

For many in our audience, it can actually become a big source of embarrassment or even shame. Which is too bad, because the truth of the matter is, it isn’t us. It’s…

- The tools we’ve been given for weight loss are terrible and don’t work (hi, restrictive diets!)
- The tools we’ve been given to manage stress are terrible and don’t work (hello, emotional eaters!)
- And no one has ever shared an approach with you as effective as Balance365 (hello, freedom!)

Ready to get into it? Let’s go!

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Key Points

  • Strategies smart women use to lose weight
  • Insights smart women have about weight loss
  • How smart women tune into themselves instead of ignore their needs

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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.