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Balance365 Life Radio

Dec 1, 2021

Episode Overview

What happens when you start working on new healthy habits and inevitably wake up one day and the “new and shiny” has worn off? It happens to everyone, typically around 3-5 weeks in. It's what we refer to as the 3-5 week slump, and it’s something we ALL need to plan for when approaching changes to our health and wellness. Join us today to learn how to make your habits stick when the motivation starts to wear off.

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Key Points

  • What is the 3-5 week slump and why does it happen
  • What Jen did to overcome her own recent 3-5 week slump
  • The difference between process-based goals vs outcome-based goals
  • Our top tips for what to do when life hits hard and motivation disappears at 3-5 weeks
  • The things we see in successful members when they hit their 3-5 week slump


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