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Balance365 Life Radio

Oct 27, 2021

Episode Overview

Candy season is officially upon us... *cue feelings of terror*

For many, this time of year means a sudden and dramatic increase in sweets and treats in our homes, which can mean a challenging season for those of us with weight loss goals. In today’s podcast, we provide you with 4 tips for how you can still work candy into your weight loss plans.

And if you find yourself struggling with sugar cravings, you can also grab our 5 Reasons You’re Craving Sugar guide to start managing your cravings today!

Key Points

  • How to stop bingeing on candy
  • How to give yourself permission to eat a satisfying amount of candy
  • How to enjoy and savor your candy
  • How to make candy part of a balanced nutritional plan


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Download a copy of this episode’s transcript here.