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Balance365 Life Radio

Nov 18, 2020

If you’re a resident of North America, you know we’ve entered a season where we’re bombarded with high energy food for several months. Many people eat their way through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… Feeling totally out of control and unable to moderate their eating habits. This usually leads to jumping on board a diet bandwagon come January. (Repeat every year, forever!)

No judgement, you do you, boo! But... What if we told you there IS a different way to navigate these food-abundant seasons all while honoring your desire to celebrate and enjoy what each holiday has to offer? What if we told you that you can enjoy these celebrations while also not going off the rails? It’s possible, friends!

Join us as we share our best tips to help you get through this last quarter of a seemingly endless 2020. Let’s get you set up for success in 2021!

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